Doctor Ron Gonzales, M.D.

Bio: Doctor Ron Gonzales, M.D.

Dr. Ron Gonzales is a friendly approachable physician with strong community ties; he is often seen on Montrose Beach or at the Community Center on Halsted playing volleyball.

Dr. Gonzales of Northstar Healthcare Medical Center HIV and Gay Men's Health

Dr. Gonzales enjoys practicing medicine in a private community setting with a focus on HIV and Gay Men's Health. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Science and Public Health and a doctorate in Medicine. He completed his Residency in 1999 at University of IL and his Fellowship in Infectious Diseases at University of Chicago in 2001. Ron also has a well-rounded backround with research experience; he has co-authored research articles relating to MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staph aureus) infections which are now quite common in the HIV community, asthma, thyroid physiology and various infection-related issues. He has won tn Infectious Diseases Fellow Research Award from the Chicago Area Infectious Diseases Society in 2001.

In regards to teaching Dr. Gonzales has been the Assistant Program Director and Physician Advisor at Weiss Hostpial and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Univ of Illiinois College of Medicine. Since being on full-time staff of Northstar (August 2011), he has been developing a strong following and practice. Dr. Gonzales also serves as a research investigator at Northstar for many of its' clinical trials. Dr. Gonzales believes in taking care of individuals consistent with a holistic philosophy.He looks forward to seeing his patients and greets them with a large smile every day at Northstar.